Hey there!

My name is Milad Sadegi, and I am about as weird, spontaneous and messy as they come.

I have a doctrine in Chipotle Consumption, am fluent in sarcasm and wit, and never turn down a conversation with anyone over a glass of whiskey — neat, please. If the camera was turned towards me, you’d see a life overflowing with travel, friendships, more Chipotle, and an ever–growing desire to roam. I couldn’t tell you what made me decide to pick up a camera seven years ago, but I can tell you that it’s why I have woken up every day since.

I strive to accomplish one thing through my craft: to tell a story. Your story. Not the picture perfect one you see on color coordinated social feeds, but the real, raw, and palpable emotions that have you reliving the very memory you’re looking at. I want to capture those emotions at their truest form, in their purest environment.

I want to give you moments to hold onto for a lifetime.

Whether your story takes us to a remote desert location, a hike through steep mountain sides, the inside of your cozy nest or indigo shaded coastlines, I will venture with you. Allow me to stand beside you and commemorate the stories that mean the most to you.

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