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Let's start this off the right way. Pull up a chair, and pour yourself a glass.. Ready? Great!

Welcome to the Born Pacific experience! An emotional and intimate documentary style elopement and wedding photography company based out of the Pacific Northwest, ran by yours truly; Milad Sadegi.

A very brief touch on what lies beneath these bones; I am a living thing full of complexities, mysteries, emotional depths, and as open and spontaneous as they come. In addition, I carry with me an unyielding desire for connection. I mean real, raw, gloves off, connection. So much of my work and what I do orbits around my love and passion for people.

For the journey ahead of us, and the stories that come with it. 


Allow me to stand beside you and commemorate the stories that mean the most to you. With a decade of story telling from all corners of the world, I am simply here to capture your story the way it is meant to be told:

Just as it is. Not as it should be.

I strive for nothing more than adventurous and intimate tales about each unique connection. Capturing the little moments of the ebb and flow in our time together. 

My work is dedicated to more than just

making a moment in time stand still.

It's here to give you a tangible feeling you can hold onto

for the rest of your days.


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