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Here’s the thing; I cringe at the term “Love Story”, because it’s just that - a story. It's defined by a beginning, middle, and end. But if theres anything to know about love, it’s that it is an ongoing adventure. A journey that has no ending chapter. And its okay if you don’t agree!

But if you’re shaking your head saying, “go on, Im all ears..” then this ones for you.


Lately there’s been this misconception of love where its depth can only be measured by the size of a persons smile, how hard they’re kissing, how tightly they’re squeezing, or my personal favorite - how loud they’re laughing.

But what if your love doesn’t look like that? What if it’s quiet. What if it’s a subtle pulse. What if it runs deeper than anything you’ve felt. Rocks you harder than anything you’ve done. What if your love speaks in steady breaths, without the words to convey the rest. Or what if its chaos with a crash as loud as the seas. What if it’s a chorus of voices, or too bright to see.

To me, a story isn’t a story if its the same for everyone.

No. To me, its about intention. Intentionally spending time together and learning of all your peaks and valleys with every little thing in between, that you’ve faced and conquered to get here; to this very moment where you find yourselves looking for someone who you can trust to hear your story. To give it a soft pulse and some bones to withstand the test of time.


So If you can trust me and let me in, then I promise that I will give you my undivided attention and creativity in bringing it all together for one crazy beautiful day.


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