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A Northern Ireland Wedding

Updated: Oct 18, 2022

If you have been following me for a while, then you're very familiar with how much time I have spent in Northern Ireland over the last handful of years. It's extensive to say the least. And I have loved every moment of every trip I've taken out there. But none of the love I have for my second home could ever have developed, If it weren't for those who I have met throughout my time there. I need you for a moment to close your eyes. Well, read this all first, and then go back and close your eyes. But close 'em, think of the sweetest, genuine, most selfless person you can. Throw in a little bit of the best wit and sarcasm, the entire dancing scene from The Titanic, and a proper fry for breakfast; and you have just scratched the surface of how beautiful these folks are.

This day in particular held a lot of weight to it. Partially because gatherings were just starting to occur again in the midst of a pandemic (I had to take 7 In-Home Covid tests while in the UK for 2 weeks). Mostly though because anyone and everyone who knows C + C, knows how far these two have gone and will continue to go for the people they love. And every speech that was given on this day made sure that was not lost on anyone.

I cry. I cry quite a bit. I cry at weddings. I cry at concerts.

I cry when Netflix is having a network connection error.

But the tears I shed on this day in particular, could've easily solved California's drought.

It was memorable. It was meaningful. It was Chaotic. And it was absolutely beautiful.


As an artist, there is no bigger compliment I could ever receive - than to have someone fly me to where they are, instead of just hiring someone closer.


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