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A Seattle Ferry Wedding Reception

R + D were my last wedding to be affected by the pandemic situation. And though it was quite the roller coaster of changes and replanning, they finally made it to the finish line. If you've been following my photo journey for some time now, you know how much I value anything that breaks away from the traditional, cliche wedding day shit.

As a creative, It gives me a sense of a clean canvas to paint on. And as two people who (I would hope) want to have a day that is reflective of nothing other than them, it makes things so much more memorable, and just straight up FUN.

So when I heard that we were scrapping the whole ceremony thing, and instead taking the 10am ferry from Seattle to Bainbridge Island with what would've been the "bridal party", slam some beers and use scissors to cut up some Neapolitan pizza's at the renowned Bruciato, cruise back and dance our feels out on Cathedrals dance floor, and end the whole thing with bellies full of Salt n' Straw; I might've shed a single tear of joy.

Possibly two.

These photos are a result of what happens when you just don't care about all the little details no one will remember. When you don't care about making it a picture perfect wedding photo day. Instead, you are present. In every moment. With those who you want to be there with most.


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