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A Twin Falls Elopement

Updated: Oct 18, 2022

If you've ever wondered what a wedding day looks like where all of the planning and decorations, invitations and flower arrangements, seating charts, family drama, timelines, and pretty much anything else that makes Wedding Planning the absolute worst - doesn't exist? You're in luck. Because what you will find in the images below, is just that.

B + N decided to throw it all to the wind, and instead bring their closest friends on a beautiful morning hike at the Twin Falls trail outside of Seattle, to witness an elopement like no other. From hiking to the ceremony spot accompanied by the sounds of an acoustic guitar, changing into a dress in the midst of passing hikers, spraying champagne to the heavens, and tearing up to the most beautiful first dance on a river bank - every moment unfolded beautifully in its own way.

In its own time.

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